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   Information Technology Faculty of Saigon Technology University was founded by decision no. 17A-2001/CĐKN in 02 May 2001.
At present, Faculty of information technology assumes training information technology human resources at the levels and sectors as follows:

University: Applied software technology
College: Information Technology
Vocational programs
- Graphic Design
- Office administration


Starting from college to university (1, 5 years)


 • Consisting of good lecturers from strengthened IT universities such as University of Polytechnic University, University of Natural Sciences... 

• Directly teaching with lecturers being engineers, masters, and doctors. 
• Developing lecturers’ team with inherent dynamic, and actual experience 
• Often trying to improve contents, teaching methods and practical skills. 
• Syllabus has been referred and updated from the prestigious University, Well-known publishers in the world such as: McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall,...


Computer Centre of Information technology Faculty consists of 9 rooms with about 250 computers connected together and can access the Internet. Computer system is equipped with modern and it can be used to install and operate software systems and applications in order to serve for the training for specialized information technology’s students and meeting student’s practice of other faculties at STU.



The training program is continuously designed for different levels flexibly: Vocational level, college, University-level completion program, and university.
Our faculty’s curriculum is often updated with a guideline “Link with the social need”, and traditionally developed“ learners equipped with professional skills”. Up to now, the curriculum has always been updated with the latest technology, to help students have opportunities to grasp practical knowledge when studying at school. The subjects concerned with modern software technology have been introduced in the curriculum, the subjects involved in webs have been investigated for teaching and learning.

Applied software Technology major (University standard):
Supplying students basic knowledge of programming and enhancing, knowledge of analysis and designing information systems, knowledge of hardware and network computers. The specific contents and trainings as follows:
• Computer principles
• Tools and modern programming languages
• Design and management database knowledge
• Analysis skills and project designs in information system
• Design’s Tools of applications on internet
• Basic Knowledge and skill in hardware computer.
• Computer networking and management problems

Information Technology major (College standard):
Dealing with career skills, engineers of information technology at college standard can self-study to exploit specialized software professionally; can be trained to continue to exploit specialist software and build up small software or design module programming of a medium software. They are able to participate in several permanent roles of software development under project chief’s supervision.
The training contents as specifiled as follows:
• Fundamental knowledge of Information technology
• Tools and modern programming languages
• Database Knowledge and system analysis
• Tool Designs applied on the Internet
• Basic Knowledge and skills for Hardware and Software
• Foundation knowledge for university level.

Office administration Major (Vocational training):
Providing computer skills at informatics the office, drafting document, accounting principles; programming applications for small and medium office administration, network administration….

Graphic design Major (Vocational training):
Providing graphic knowledge of, imaging process, advertising design, packaging, poster, electronic publishing, album design, videos, 3D graphics, Web design and other applications on the Internet


Office administration major:
- Administrative staff personnel
(with accounting skill)
- Secretary
- Engineering programmer
- Technician of computer management room.
Graphic design major:
- Image process staff
- Advertisement design staff
- Web-based programmers

• Specialist of programming
• Specialist of project for information system
• Specialist of designing and building applications on internet
• Specialist of PC repairing and setting up networking
• Specialist of computer management room.

UNIVERSITY: Applied software Technology major
• Software technology Engineer
• Specialist of analysis and design information system
• Senior programming engineer
• Specialist of managing informatics system at companies, enterprises, banks, etc..


Our faculty pays much attention to various social activities of student.
Students join music and art activities, student associations, sports, Green Summer, and extracurricular activities actively such as: The coodination between enterprises and University in the exchanges of career; organizing contests concerned with students’ majors. Besides, our faculty actively have revision; participation in “National Informatics Olympic” and won many good achievements.

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