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Being one of the first faculties at the beginning of STU, with the training target for engineers with high skills for mechatronoics, high applied abilities fitting the quick development of mechatronics in our nation and other countries. Therefore, our faculty actively contributes facilities for practices, experiments and high qualified lectures of both theory and practice. Every year, scientific and technical advances concerned with our major are always updated by faculty.


Officers and lecturers in the faculty include a doctor, 5 masters, 6 engineers graduating from well-known national universities such as University of Technology, University of Technology Education, Transport University, etc…. and the collaborators in particular are doctors, masters, engineers major in applied experience.
The lecturers are always offered opportunities for learning and researching to improve knowledge and practical application. Therefore, teaching knowledge are always the latest and high application.


Consisting of labs, modern workshops aer upgraded every year so they can meet learning and researching requirements in economic science development nowadays. Lab and workshop system includes:
• Pneumatics and hydraulics laboratory
• Mechanics laboratory
• Automation laboratory
• Mechanics Workshop


Indispensable knowledge of mechatronic systems
At present, in the world during the course, students of Medical Engineering Faculty are equipped with the following areas of specialty:
• Physical Systems Modeling
• Sensors and Actuators
• Signals and Systems
• Computers and Logic Systems
• Software and Data Acquisition

The subjects’ content of the knowledge mentioned above is summarized as follow:

The faculty’s training program
In 2009, the credit education programs of the mechatronics major in STU have been designed basing on the following knowledgeable fields:


After finishing the training program’s faculty, engineers have the following skills:
• Operating industrial devices in many different manufacturers
• Managing industrial devices’ skills
• Reformed ability, design components of industrial manufacturer’s system
• Maintaining, adjusting, repairing industrial equipments
• Trading in technological equipment’s fields

Students’ opportunities
Graduates can work all places using industrial equipments, manufacturers etc… and this social need is very big. 

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