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Faculty of design was set up pursuant to the Decree No 19/QD-DSG- HCQT in 18, February, 2007 of the President of STU, Faculty of Design have defined the targets: training labor’s source, developing talent man; professional practice; quality skills. The training method, “Theory connects with practice, schools link with society, learning parallels working”.  



Faculty of design was set up pursuant to the Decree No 19/QD-DSG- HCQT in 18, February, 2007 of the President of STU, Faculty of Design have defined the targets: training labor source, developing talent man; professional practice; qualified skills. The training method tends in the direction that “Theory connects with practice, schools link to society, learning parallels working”.


Teaching staff of Design Faculty, graduated from national or international universities are well- known professors, doctors, masters, Bachelors of Arts, designers, the top philosophers in Vietnam, businessmen, managers, together with the young lecturers who love teaching.


The studio system, and major studios for graphics, interior decoration, fashion and mock model meeting all of the requirements for equipments for students to practice. The latest computer system and perfect visual aids with air conditioned rooms create effective teaching and learning atmosphere for students and lecturers of Design Faculty. The workshops for art painting, sculpture and basic cube with well- equipments, painting forms, after students opportunities to finish a large number of exercises in each term. The high requirement for students about a large number of homework and designs make them acquainted with working environment with full of limited time pressure after graduating.


The competition of economic market requires creative industry branches cooperation. Among these branches, design is one of the important components due to creativity, symbol, and the difference in form, life style; in other words, style designed by design is essential meaning for an enterprise. The training program is the credit training system, 4 years for university, 3 years for college, and has University-level completion program from the 1.5 years at college of STU’s Design Faculty for over 2000 present students and students in the future tending the designers’ training target on all fields of applied arts and art industry for that creative industry.
The syllabus of the credit training system includes theory subjects, practice subjects, practice time, and major designs. Through this, students can study, research, investigate knowledge; learn experience, enlarge abilities; sharpen skills; improve art painting, art design, design on computers; foreign language skill, presentation skills, communication skills, individual work and group work. As the result, students can be “mature”, and have the ability controlling their work.



Resistering the majors from the third term (the second year), students have their own orientation for their jobs. Faculty of Design is the best choice because of the high social need. However, choosing the favorite field, promoting strong points, being the right family’s choice is the first test to show the ability of a future designer. Graduates have working ability in the following fields:
• Mock model
• Graphic design
• Interior decorations
• Fashion design
• Argument and history of design
• Marketing design


After two of terms, in the first summer, students practice outdoor in a week at Dalat city, a famous city in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Researching natural sights, well- known French villa architecture, sketches and researches, pictures of people and sight seeing, etc… are necessary final tests for during course. In the future, outdoor destinations, practice places of Design faculty’s students will extend to all beautiful interesting places, the same major universities in our nation and other countries.

Besides, to improve work-group ability and exchange experience between students in Faculty. Every year, Faculty of Design holds the traditional festival “A New Season Festival” on the saturday of the last week in a year.
Major practices in the summer of the second year and graduating practice in the summer of the third year are opportunities for students getting acquainted with future working fields, enlarging relations and integrating into practical manufacturer or business.
Exhibition at the beginning of the new school- year and exhibition on the occasion of the traditional festival of Design Faculty in the end of the solar year will be opportunities for students showing themselves and reporting their studying results.


Occupation clubs of students are hold to assemble members having passion for their jobs, and desire to show their leader’s positions in every field.
Web page of Design Faculty in STU’s website supplies all information about lecturers and students, learning- researching- applying activities with various colors and achievements, accumulating results through each school- year.

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