Scientific Research


Scientific Research

Update 06/08/2012 - 03:57:02 PM (GMT+7)

Scientific research’s affair is attached special importance to and prosperous at the beginning time. STU have oriented that applied research is major, and spent a quite big budget to build important experiment rooms for faculties. 

Many young lecturers, graduates, masters graduating at good and excellent grades from universities such as  University of Polytechnic, University of Natural Sciences, University of Technique Training at HCM city have taught at STU, and been interested in designing and making experiment models. Consequently, the scientific research’s results have directly applied for serving the STU’s program. About 40- high quality experiment rooms, workshops, and computer system- internet network have been successfully built for 12 past years, this contributes to improve the training quality, especially practice quality.

With adequate facilities and appropriate guidelines, the young lecturers have actively participated in scientific research and applying many scientific research’s titles with city level having high quality such as research for machine of enlarging the tip of plastic hose, tip tester machine. This is the first chip- tester machine was made in Vietnam, which was highly regarded by check and acceptation board at city level, and Vietnam Intel have decision to order for training chip technology in Vietnam. Besides, scientific research activities and students as well as young lecturers’ learning ones are always active and got encouraged achievements such as Robocon, Young Race, Informatics Olympic, Mathematic Olympic, Mac- Le Olympic, Vifotec Prices, Eureka, etc… And most of the contests, STU’s team often gets many prices and encouraged achievements: second prize, third prize, consolation prize at National Informatics Olympic; consolation prize at National Mathematic Olympic, Mac- Le Olympic, Vifotec, Eureka in years by years, and won for the 1/8 round at National Robocon in 2003, etc…

The establishment of learning clubs such as Telecommunications Club, Informatics Clubs, Creativity Club, Robot Club is the cradle of bringing up scientific and creative aspiration of many graduates’ generations, creates students confident in practical work.

At present, scientific research’s affair of STU is more and more paid attention to businesses, connection with businesses in executing required researches or technological transfer. 

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