External Relations


External relations

Update 06/08/2012 - 03:39:28 PM (GMT+7)

Since the time STU was founded, the leaders have defined foreign affairs is a very important affair, and built long- time strategy for STU’s foreign affairs. The STU’s leaders always listen to social opinions, actively pay attention to businesses’ relationship, national schools and international ones in order to improve training quality, and scientific research at STU. 

In particular, enlarging the STU’s relations which have helped STU’s prestige to gain a new worthy status in society and to start it’s our national university system and international expansion.    

At the beginning of the year 1998, STU had a relationship with Institut University de Technology Grenoble (French). In 20- 4- 1998, Professor, DSc, Christian Monllor, the president of IUT- 1, worked with managing board of SEC (the precursor of STU), contributed his ideas about STU’s training program. This is the advantage foundation of a foreign relations’ process of STU. Every year, more and more schools, institutes, and businesses at home and abroad visit and create cooperation with STU such as Asian Institute Technology (AIT), Yeong Chiu Machinery Inductries Co. Ltd (offer CNC milling machine for mechanics’ training).  

With STU’s prestige, the university attaches more and more the top professors in the world visit and present special subjects, exchange training experience, and STU’ scientific researches such as professor, Nguyen Cuong- Dean of School of Engineering, Catholic University of America (CUA), professor, NK Isamail Nik Daud- the chairman of Asian Food Science and Technology; Professor, Nguyen Minh (Australia), Proffesor. Ming Chan Wu (Taiwan), Professor. Park (Korea), Professor Weibao (Singapore), Dr. Stephan G. Mastero (Poland), etc…   

Creating the relations and signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation with other schools and businesses are much thicker and faster such as Mod’Art International Institute, Hanover University, Neu – Brandenburg University,  Berlin Technology University  (German), Liverpool Jonh Moore University (English), Kyang Dong University ( Korea ), Natinal Pingtung University & Chagang University of Technology ( Taiwan), Capital South of Agriculture University ( China), Assumption University (Thai), Universities from American, English, Canada and New Zealand. 

 Basing on this, STU have recommended many lecturers for Doctors or masters’ study aboard and cooperated with exchanging professors, students, and support scholarships form other universities.


The mark of the STU’s foreign affairs’ success is the establishment of International Training Center ITPC, the cooperative training program offered by STU and Troy University, Alabama state, USA. Through the training process, this the cooperative training program is evaluated as one of the most successful programs in Troy University’s cooperation at Asian, and in the February of 2009, SACS organization (The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and School), the testing of universities and colleges’ quality in the states: Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, has high regard STU.

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